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Courses (online and on-location)


CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for Psychosis [online course, taught by Ron Unger]:


Families Healing Together  [online courses for individuals, friends and family members of those struggling with extreme states]:


Future Learn: Caring for people with psychosis and schizophrenia [online course]:


Mad in America Conitinuing Ed  [Online courses on "topics such as psychiatric medications ... and alternatives that promote long-term recovery. The courses grant professional continuing education (CEUs) and continuing medical education (CME) credits for physicians, social workers, nurses, marriage and family counselors, and alcohol/drug counselors"]:


Integrative Mental Health for You: A range of online presentations and courses on working with spiritual emergency:


Mind Australia - Mind Recovery College [On-location courses on a variety of recovery-oriented topics, available in Australia only):


Online Open Recovery College [Online courses covering a wide range of recovery topics, including specific support for hearing voices, recovering from sexual abuse, and general principles and practice of recovery from psychosis and extreme states]:


Recovery from Schizophrenia  [Webinars on alternative understandings and treatment models of "schizophrenia," psychosis and extreme states]:


South Eastern Sydney Recovery College [On-Location courses on recovery-oriented topics, available only in the Sydney, Australia area]:





Madness Radio archive [a treasure trove of interviews with many leaders in the field]:






Beyond Meds: Alternatives to Psychiatry [numerous articles and other resources devoted to the topic of psychiatric drugs and alternatives to psychiatry]:


Mad in America: Science, Psychiatry, and Community [a hub of numerous blogs from many of the leaders in the recovery and alternatives to psychiatry movement]:


Recovery from Schizophrenia [Ron Unger’s blog with numerous recovery-oriented articles and resources]:


Successful Schizophrenia [numerous resources related to recovery and the challenging the medical model paradigm]:

Classes / Radio / Blogs